About Lord of Life

For the past 35 years, Lord of Life has been part of the Thornton community.

Life is hard.

It's easy to look around and see so much brokenness - especially now as our communities face struggles like none we've seen before. From financial struggles and unwelcome change to health challenges and the daily grind, nothing seems to let up.

Where can you turn if life feels off? If the people you've depended on have let you down or disappeared? What can bring comfort when every new day brings only more anxiety?

Find peace. Find hope. Find life.

When life feels broken; when hope feels impossible; when the days feel long - Jesus is here. His hope is for you and for right now. At Lord of Life, we live this belief through loving our neighbors, service in our community and passion for sharing the truth of God's Word with people and children of all backgrounds.

There's a place for you at Lord of Life - no matter where you've been or where you're going.

What We Believe

What we believe and teach is rooted in God's perfect Word - The Bible.

Because we know it never changes, we know we can base our faith upon it.


We believe there is only one true God who is holy, eternal, and has all power and wisdom. In the Bible, God reveals himself as Triune — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28:18-20

The Bible

We believe the Bible is God's Word. It's true and without error.

2 Timothy 3:15-16


We believe that in six days God created the heavens and the earth — and all that is in them thousands of years ago.

Genesis 1

Man & Woman

We believe that all people are special creations of God, created in God's own image.

Genesis 1:26-27


We believe that we lost the image of God when Adam & Eve gave into the temptation of Satan in the Garden of Eden. This separated us from God, unable to reconcile ourselves to him.

Genesis 3

The Gospel

We believe that the gospel is the good news that our loving God sent Jesus Christ to take away the sins of all people. Because of Jesus' perfect life and sacrificial death, we are fully and freely forgiven.

Romans 1:16-17


We believe Jesus is God the Son, born of the virgin Mary, and that he suffered and died on the cross to pay for all of our sins.

Luke 1:26-38


We believe Jesus rose on Easter morning, conquering death. And because he rose, so will we. 

Ephesians 2:4-7

The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit creates faith in our hearts through the gospel.

1 Corinthians 12:3

The Church

We believe that there is one holy, Christian church, made up of all who believe in Jesus.

Ephesians 4:3-6


We believe that Jesus washes away sin and people of all ages become God's children through baptism.

Galatians 3:26-27


We believe God's love and forgiveness is ours through Jesus' true body and blood in the Lord's supper.

Matthew 26:26-29


We believe that because of Jesus, we have a full, free, forgiven life!

John 10:10

Meet Our Team


Michael Vogel

Pastor Vogel is excited to be in the Denver area after shepherding a church in Calgary, Alberta for 14 years, where he served people from over 30 countries. He loves meeting new people, hearing their stories, and helping them live our church’s mission: regularly receiving life from Jesus, so that we may live for him and share him with others.

Pastor Vogel and his wife Michelle have 4 children who attend Lord of Life school and love playing sports. You can usually find Michelle on Sunday mornings welcoming people with her encouraging smile and warm hello.